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Daily Recap: April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009


Another bright, hot day in Portland, Oregon. I mean, I love blue skies, but the true Oregonian in me screams for rain and gray. I’m weird; I realize that.

The gaming world was flooded with mostly release-date related news  and a few droplets of real information, all of which you can read on the next page. Click that link!

Didn't get too inventive with the logo, did they?

Didn't get too inventive with the logo, did they?

Surprise (?): LEGO Rock Band was announced for release this holiday season. LEGO videogame gurus TT Games are working with Harmonix on the family-oriented title. The debate around the Silicon Sasquatch “water cooler” is one of sheer relevance. Personally,  I see a blocks-based music title to be puzzling (no pun intended), as the Rock Band franchise is already kid-ready with its censored lyrics, cooperative gameplay and vast categories of music for parents and younglings to enjoy. And even though the LEGO game mainstay of constructing avatars is in place, something still feels off. Regardless of my concerns, let’s hope the songs exclusive to the title are eventually released in Rock Band proper–because, even without a synth peripheral, who doesn’t want to play “The Final Countdown“?

Earthworm Jim papa-san papa Dave Perry, now an executive at Acclaim, is saying that piracy can be combated if game and media companies lower the prices of their products. A noble idea, but Perry’s comments are really promotions of his new ventures instead of feasible pursuits. It’s true that gaming is an expensive pastime, but when gamers passively demand better technology each generation it’s logical that purchase prices will match the money poured into increasingly high-tech offerings. Free-to-play concepts might beat back pirates, but asking the videogame industry to take a collective step back by somehow offering triple-A titles for nearly free to stop pirating is laughable. As long as there have been tasty goods to covet, there have been thieves.

Variety has a great article up offering a behind-the-scenes of sorts on composers making videogame music. It’s great to read more about the people behind what have been some of the most memorable parts of games (granted, these days it’s mainly orchestrated arrangements). It’s equally great to see how much these composers can make, though the lack of  backend royalties is very concerning. Another talent strike somewhere down the road? No.

Now for the release dates!

Tesla cannon trumps Vertibird

Tesla cannon trumps Vertibird

Fallout 3: Broken Steel is dropping on the Xbox Live Marketplace this May 5th, [Ed’s note–in honor of the third and most important piece of Fallout 3 DLC, we’ll be reviewing the first two DLC packs before the May 5th release of Broken Steel, with that review to follow shortly thereafter] and Brütal Legend is coming out this “Rocktober” 13th. Gamers may now rejoice.

[Update]: Apparently, the face-mapping technology supposedly coming to Age of Conan that we mentioned in yesterday’s Recap isn’t coming after all. Drat.

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  1. Elena permalink
    April 22, 2009 1:15 am

    Younglings <3!

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