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Daily Recap: April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009
Mr. Bubbles would be proud

Mr. Bubbles would be proud

Considering today’s wealth of BioShock 2 information pouring out from every single videogamerelated webpage on the internet, The Silicon Sasquatch is officially renaming April 23 “BioShock Press Day.”

I think we can all expect that future sequels of the franchise will continue to be unveiled on April 23, from now until the end of time — or until BioShock: Big Daddy’s Beach Volleyball Blast 3 comes out and we give up gaming forever.

More news after the break.

Holding a gun that way doesn't seem comfortable, at all

Holding a gun that way doesn't seem comfortable, at all

For once, PS3 owners don’t get the short end of the exclusivity stick, as Eidos has announced that the Joker is a PS3-exclusive playable character in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum title. Shacknews reports that a PlayStation Home advertisement accidentally broke the surprise a little earlier than expected, and as such Eidos and Warner Bros. had to scramble and confirm the story. Though the Clown Prince of Crime is only usable in the challenge room segment of the game, judging from preview videos released last month, those challenges look quite fun.

I, for one, welcome more PS3-only content, and I don’t even own the system. While I’m glad Microsoft’s hogging of developers’ content provides some excellent gaming opportunities, there’s no reason why Sony can’t extend the same courtesy for its loyal fans. It’s anyone’s guess whether Sony paid Eidos and/or Warner Bros. for the Joker content, or maybe Eidos simply did it because they wanted to. Either way, it’s the Xbots’ turns to be jealous, no?

World of Pegglecaft

World of Pegglecaft

Eventually, every game will be playable inside of World of Warcraft. Today PopCap Games released a version of their addictive game Peggle, for free, to play inside the World of Warcraft client. They did this with Bejeweled last September, which was during an age when I still had an active account and played, a lot. I love how PopCap admits to their collective corporate WoW addiction, and instead of just claiming their fandom they do something about it and put effort into neat add-ons like these. Any WoW player can tell you that Bejeweled, and now Peggle, helps to pass the tedium during flight path waits, battleground waits and, well, any period of  downtime where you’re not yelling at the enemy faction for “pwning” you.

By the way, Nick has an active WoW account right now. Bug him!

And for the pièce de résistance: Becoming Spider-Man is, and I’m totally jumping to conclusions, scientifically possible–or at least his webbing is. This has nothing to do with gaming, of course, but it’s nerdy enough to count, right? Though, assuredly, the result of the average Joe/Jane trying to replicate Spidey’s acrobatics would end up with this result.

My apologies to your sensibilities.

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