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It’s a tough time to be a journalist. Advertising has dried up, the print news industry is capsizing, and some of the best writers, editors, photographers and designers are out of work.

It’s an even tougher time to be fresh out of college with a degree in Magazine Journalism. But that’s exactly where we found ourselves: Young, enthusiastic, and facing the most dismal of job prospects.

But rather than wait for the work to come to us, we decided to just start writing and see where it takes us. And so, in December of 2008, Silicon Sasquatch was born.

Our mission has always been to deliver news, analysis and reviews with the highest standards and attention to detail that we can manage. Too often, videogame journalism fails to go beyond the status quo, resulting in problems ranging from sloppy grammar to bad reporting. Though our resources are limited, we’re continuing to work tirelessly to produce an ethical and earnest publication that we can be proud of.

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Your Fearless Silicon Sasquatch Editors:

Nick Cummings:

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Aaron Thayer:

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And Our Illustrious Contributors:

Doug Bonham:

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